Charity Work

How we are giving back

Raising awareness of animal welfare:

One of our aims at DNA Vetcare is to help improve the welfare of all animals and reduce unnecessary suffering of animals within our care, local communities and the wider world. We have enormous respect and admiration for the volunteers that give up their time to help charities to protect animals that are sadly neglected, mistreated or abandoned. We have pledged our support to help as much as we can, building close relationships with several charities – providing heavily discounted services and medicines, and several fundraising activities.

Our involvement with WVS - Rabies Rally:

Earlier in the year, our founder Dane, Paul, Practice Manager, and Molly Head Nurse at our Streatham Hill Vets hospital proudly participated in the inaugural Rabies Rally in Cornwall, a charity event organized by WVS (Worldwide Veterinary Service) to support Mission Rabies.

Our team in Mumbai for Mission Rabies:

Our dedication to support this incredible charity didn’t stop there. Our Practice Manager Alison alongside Luke (Streatham Hill Vets’ Practice Manager) and Paul, Projects Manager and Registered Veterinary Nurse, were recently part of the WVS Mission Rabies initiative in Mumbai where they helped vaccinate more than 26,000 dogs!

Globally, rabies still claims the lives of approximately 59,000 people each year, with a staggering 20,000 of these fatalities occurring in India. Mission Rabies identifies rabies hotspots and organizes mass vaccination and education programmes – protecting both the human and canine populations. We are extremely proud to support the WVS and its Mission Rabies initiative to help put a stop to rabies for good and cannot wait to be involved in their next initiative.

Our fundraising for WVS Thailand:

Every year since 2019, our founder Dane Walker has been raising money for WVS Thailand with a Swimathon which so far raised £59,000.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, WVS runs the only treatment centre and shelter for all street dogs in their region. They are doing such an amazing job saving homeless and neglected dogs, and we couldn’t be prouder to support them each and every year.

DNA Vetcare is also a proud ambassador of Jai Dog Rescue. Jai Dog Rescue is dedicated to transforming the lives of street dogs in Thailand by bringing them the care and attention they so desperately need. Their efforts in making these dogs healthier and rehoming them make us extremely proud to be a part of their fight.

How we support Street Vet:

We are also proudly supporting Street Vet, a wonderful charity which operates by offering free accessible vet care to pets belonging to those experiencing homelessness across the UK.

Should their team of volunteers need to refer a pet urgently for hospitalisation or any surgery procedure, our surgeries stand at the ready to offer immediate treatment and support.

The fight isn’t over to make the world a better place for our pets, but thanks to your continuous support we are able to provide care for pets in the UK and around the world.