Johanna Gilmore – Head 'Out of Hours' Nurse (Registered)

Jo started working at Elizabeth Street in 2005 after gaining a great deal of experience at the Blue Cross Hospital in Victoria where she trained as a nurse. Jo is one of our emergency nurses with a special interest in critical care, anaesthesia and has a vast knowledge in the area of poisons and toxins. She is also a Hills pet nutritionist.

Claire Sedgwick (Registered Nurse)

Claire joined the clinic in 2007 and is one of our emergency night nurses. Claire co-founded 'Help the Street Animals' a charity based in Morocco. She also has a keen interest in canine and feline behaviour.

Emily Rutter (Registered Nurse)

Emily joined the emergency clinic in Feb 16. Emily is an avid rugby player, sports fan, a jet setter and enjoys globe-trotting. She also has a passion for the more unusual pet and has a chameleon at home to keep her out of mischief.

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